KTM RC Race Bikes

KTM RC Cup: Ready to Race

The KTM RC Cup championship is one of the most epic racing series worldwide, hosting two 10-lap races within its programme and multiple instances for young drivers to test their skills and compete with KTM’s wide range of racing models to showcase their prowess and performance.

In total, 40 riders from 15 nationalities will line up on identical Cup-specification versions of the popular KTM RC Cup, with drivers all around the world giving their best shot in order to obtain the coveted first place prize.

Racing in a KTM RC Cup means that you get to test your limits both as a driver and as human being, for the circuits call for masterful craftsmanship and excellent terrain navigation skills. After all, the KTM RC Cup Race has another purpose: to exhibit and showcase KTM’s latest racing models and their components, from their four stroke, double cylinders, to their redefined chassi. One such component, most vital for the engine wellbeing than all the others, is the air filter.

Truly, the KTM RC Cup puts to the test just how potent and capable are the newest moto air filters at protecting the engine from debris, dust and particles – because if the KTM air filter could achieve that WHILE still keeping the model intact and running, then it has truly succeeded in its goal.

The KTM RC Cup and new talent

This event attracts many young and talented competitors from all around the world, such Australian dirt track champion Jarred Brook who has proven that when it comes to motorcycles and smooth surfaces, there is very little that he can’t manage. Brook’s decision to race the RC Cup was a bold one, given that he had never even ridden a motorcycle on a bitumen race track two weeks prior to the event! KTM Australia enlisted the help of three-time World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss to help guide the talented youngster, who justified everyone’s faith – not only by keeping his RC shiny side up all weekend, but by finishing in 20th and 26th position across the two races.