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The KTM RC Cup tests moto air filters to the max

The KTM RC Cup was created in collaboration with the German federation ADAC to help young riders showcase the new KTM models and their intricate design air filters. The new RC Cup is based on the same series as the Red Bull Rookies Cup that we encounter in MotoGP, with the new concept being that the new drivers need to have a specific exhibition bike in order to test its various materials and components, such as the air filter.

As stated by the CEO of KTM, Stefan Pierer: “We are building a cheap MotoGP motorcycle, which participates in the Moto3 category, and now we are one step ahead with the RC Cup which will be based on a production motorcycle. We pay maximum attention to both projects and the new KTM bikes are ideal motorcycles for everyone ”

New bikes, new laps, new competitors, new places, new ways to test various parts of a motor in order to find out which one fits best: truly, the KTM RX Cup is a testing ground as much as it is a research lab.

With a plethora of international drivers competing for the first place, whilst still showing off what their KTM bike can do, this is the best event for you to watch if you are in the market for a relaible bike.

KTM RC Cup News 2020

The Northern Talent Cup of the KTM RC Cup will feature riders in between the ages of 12 and 17. The event itself will last 7 rounds, with at least 2 of the sub-events taking place with MotoGP fixtures. New, exciting and upcoming talents will race in KTM’s most watched racingcircuit, with KTM supplying the 250cc four-stroke RC4R – that’s right, riders will have to use specific bikes equipped with a vast variety of components to showcase the mechanical marvels that have been achieved during the last years.This means that Riders will have to use their wits as well as their bikes’ equipment to navigate through the different races. Moto air filters are invaluable in such races, as the KTMRC Cup will be a gruelling challenge that will require constant work and unflinching dedication – moto air filters retain the engine clean and running, letting the drivers showcase
what KTM RC Race Bikes can truly achieve. Moving up from the Northern Talent Cup riderswill be able to expect the RC 250 R in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, which brings the bright and best young talent even closer to the tech of Grand Prix.