The KTM RC Cup

The KTM RC Cup Series is part of the MotoAmerica RC Cup and showcases what riders between 14 and 22-years old can do with a KTM bike under their feet. Of course, all deivers must be in possession of an AMA Superstock Limited license. It is an exhibition RC Cup that showcases only KTM RC Cup bikes (that are not street legal) and have been specially prepared and tailored with over 40 Power Parts and other enhancements in order to increase the racing performance and, of course, the show’s excellent spectacle quality. To this day, the KTM RC Cup manages to be one of the most watched motorbike events.

KTM RC Cup and young talent

The KTM RC Cup was envisioned and created in collaboration with the German federation ADAC to help young riders showcase their skills on the track and prove that KTM’s race bikes can “pack quite a punch”. It provides an opportunity for emerging talents to “learn the ropes” by using control tyres and the same base motorcycle, for balance issues.
The specifically race-ready KTM RC bikes that the drivers use in such a race allow them to take full advantage of the circuit’s various characteristics, using the perfect tools for the perfect job. In addition, racers can benefit from any trackside services and any sponsorship deals that they have.

In a former KTM RC Cup, for example, drivers were to use the race prepared RC 390, sold specifically for the competition and primed to the brim with all the necessary power parts. To uphold the competitive spirit and vibe, all bikes’ engines were sealed and could only be serviced by HMC Racing, KTM’s trackside partner. The RC390 boasts an incredibly light, 36kg, 44hp, 375cc fuel-injected engine in a Moto 3-styled package.

This event attracts many young and talented competitors from all around the world, such Australian dirt track champion Jarred Brook who has proven that when it comes to motorcycles and smooth surfaces, there is very little that he can’t manage. Brook’s decision to race the RC Cup was a bold one, given that he had never even ridden a motorcycle on a bitumen race track two weeks prior to the event! KTM Australia enlisted the help of three-time World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss to help guide the talented youngster, who justified everyone’s faith – not only by keeping his RC shiny side up all weekend, but by finishing in 20th and 26th position across the two races.

The specifics

The current KTM RC is based on the former Red Bull Rookies Cup and makes use of uniquely designed bikes. During the event, a KTM HMC semi-truck is always present at each to provide a relaxing hospitality area for participants, and at the same time, KTM HMC technicians are ever present to offer technical assistance and have parts available for purchase, if needed. Moreover, the technicians provide by the books motorcycle safety checks on motorcycles prior to the race and regulate the event so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.